Life Ring Buoy – SOLAS (w/Tape) – 30” 

Lifebuoys and life rings (sometimes referred to as Perry Buoys) for water and marine rescue available in two sizes. 

30" Diameter SOLAS / Ships Wheel approved Lifebuoy these liferings are more suited where there is a straight drop between the rescuer and casualy such as Docks, Piers, Harbours, and Boats or where there may be multiple casualties and additional buoyancy is required. - 

External dia 74.5cm - Internal dia 44.5cm - Thickness 11.5cm - Weight 2.7kg (Approx dims)
Buoyancy Rating: 181N

Image Code Description
[080-JACK0050] Life Ring Buoy – SOLAS (w/Tape) – 30”  image 080-JACK0050 Life Ring Buoy – SOLAS (w/Tape) – 30” 
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