Containerized Fast Throw Lines, Poly Pro

Billy Pugh Company’s Containerized Fast Throw Lines are a must for any application that requires a dependable length of rope. Whether it’s for a ring buoy line, a painter rope or any other application where you need a rope that will not be deteriorated or tangle upon deployment. Our CFTL’s offer great dependability and value. The PVC containers keep the rope out of the elements and upon deployment- are tangle resistant.

The CFTL’s and LFP’s are designed to be an one time use item.  Once deployed, the rope cannot be returned to the tube for reuse.


Image Code Weight Diameter Length
[080-ROPE0020] Containerized Fast Throw Lines, 100'x1/4" Poly Pro image 080-ROPE0020 3 LBS 1/4" 100'
[080-ROPE0022] Containerized Fast Throw Lines, 300'x 3/8" Poly Pro image 080-ROPE0022 16 LBS 3/8" 300'
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